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((Jaime Schanbacher continued from You Could Have A Dream About Losing Your Friends))

So, it seemed like they were in a loony bin - there was lobotomy (gross), electroshock (ouch), "water treatment" (don't want to know), and "art treatment" (actually, kind of interesting). But it was messy. Not the type of messy where Mom yelled at her to clean that shit up, but the type where building inspectors installed biohazard warnings and issued condemnations. She was with Lucilly, formerly Other Girl, with Amanda and Emma behind them.

"Guys, you know we can't move that fast over here, right?" Jaime looked behind herself to see that Amanda was still supporting Emma. Weird. She still didn't know why, though. "How about we take a break around here. These are the wards, right? Betcha some of these rooms have beds." Lucilly and Emma were cool. Jaime had no reason to agree or object, so she just grunted. Emma opened one door, or tried to. Damn thing was stuck shut. Jaime was about to look at another door when she heard a cry.

"I... we- let's go. There is, there is fresh blood here. Let us go!" Jaime turned and looked at Lucilly. She went over and looked at the light that Lucilly was pointing. Inside it was a reddish spot. Not very large, but the impression that was left in it was clear to someone who looked. It was still liquid. Something had happened here.

"What the hell?" she said.

But what happened? And who did it?
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