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Lucilly would have yelled protest if only she knew what it would have been that she protested. Of course, the obvious plan was to find a bed to rest. To find a thing one had to look for the thing, yet when Amanda motioned to open the door Lucilly found herself startled and almost she told Amanda to stop. Though she knew that was sentiment speaking, and not reasoning, so Lucilly said nothing and said nothing when the door stayed the way it was. Whether it was closed due to it's own state of disrepair, or if it was closed due to a thing of unknown properties blocking it from the other side was a question Lucilly could not even begin to answer.

She would have preferred to not think about it at all. Only nightmarish scenarios played and danced through her mind, and the chance to confirm one of those was a chance she was not willing to take.

Ah, if only she had known better.

Lucilly motioned as well and she motioned to hold the handle of a second door. And yet before she could do what she set out to do, she took a step and it was a step that was like no-other.

It was a step that sounded like no-other, and Lucilly would have sworn that she could feel that she had stepped with quick feet into a disaster.

Lucilly had a flashlight. She had it. She just had to point it down. She pointed her face down. Looked at her dark feet. She pointed the flashlight down.

It was small.

Nothing more but what seemed to be a brownish and reddish smear on the ground.

Lucilly gulped, lifted her feet and rolled it just a bit on the side so that she might take a look at her soles.

She stared. She kept staring. She couldn't feel her breath anymore, but she could her stomach revolting once again. All of the nightmares she had tumbling in her lucid mind. They all were so much stronger and all of a sudden Lucilly was overwhelmed.

"I... we- let's go. There is, there is fresh blood here. Let us go!"

Had one looked carefully, they would have seen the whitest skin ever to be present on Lucilly's face, but alas, one had to look very quick as well, as she was already zipping past her companions to where they came from.
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