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Mia had always worn her heart on her sleeve. She led with it more often than her head. A lot of people labelled that as a personality flaw but she had never seen it that way. Call her naïve as much as you wanted, Mia would always prefer to be too trusting than not enough. She fell in, and inevitably out, of love easily, and not always with the best people either. But she knew enough Shakespeare to remember that it was better to have loved and lost than to be a loner forever. Or something close to that.

Some people might expect the idea of deception to be another thing Mia had a poor grasp of, with her trusting and carefree nature. In some regards, maybe. She’d never been good at acting, for a start, and had never even come close to becoming one of the theatre kids. Little white lies or minor secrets were the worst things to trust Mia with; inevitably she’d crack a smile or let out a giggle and end up spilling the beans in their entirety.

But she’d always been good at pretending things were alright when they were anything but. Even when she was stressed out about the homework she was behind on and absolutely clueless about she could put on a smile and a cheerful wave. Even when she was still dealing with a panic attack because somebody lit a match too close to her, she could still join in and joke with her cheerleader buddies. Even when she was terrified that all of the effort she’d put into her sports would be for nothing, she would always be there with an encouraging word, or a high five or a fistbump or a hug.

So now felt like the perfect time to actually do something useful on the island. Mia craned her neck to look at Candice, and gave her best, most confident smile.

“I know Al,” she whispered. “He’s a sweet guy and absolutely wouldn’t harm a fly. It’ll be fine. You can trust me. Honest.”

Mia realised she was still holding the gun up like she was about to burst into a firefight, and hastily lowered it until it was pointing at the ground, barrel aimed a few inches away from her foot. Al wasn’t about to run out and start attacking them, and it didn’t sound as if the girl with him wanted to do so either. Mia cleared her throat before replying.

“There’s just two of us out here! Just Mia Rose and Candice… uh…”

Shit. Now was not the time to have total brain freeze. A couple of seconds of awkward silence passed.

“Candice Banks! Only real weapon we’ve got is a gun, but I’m not planning on shooting it, I swear. Scout’s honour.”

Mia looked back at Candice and silently mouthed the word ‘Sorry’.


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