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"Sure," Amanda replied, trying not to sound too relieved at the weight being taken off her shoulder.

She had been half-expecting an objection to stopping from Lucilly, who had been leading the way all this time. She had seemed determined to go somewhere, even if it seemed that the somewhere was as far away from that lab as they could.

They'd even continued walking when the bell had rung, the first sign that there had been anyone else apart from the four of them about. It might have been interesting to check the bell out. Then again, it might have been a trap. But, instead they had climbed the stairs once more.

Was she looking for some place in particular? Still, she was fine with them resting here. Amanda couldn't read the girl at all.

"Right," she said, grabbing onto the handle of the closest door. "Let's find out what's behind door number one."

She pulled the handle as hard as she could, but the door refused to budge. She rattled the door a few more times, hoping that she might dislodge something, but no such luck. The door was still as unopened as when she started.

"Okay, so maybe door number one doesn't want to be opened."

Was it locked? Or was it just another sign of how ancient the whole building was. It probably looked far older than it actually was, having been abandoned for so long. It was actually kind of sad, how the entire building was left a wreck, left to slowly return back to the earth it stood on.

"Ugh, guess we've gotta try other doors."
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