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Alright, so no staying here, then. Jennifer didn’t mind that all that much. It wasn’t that bad in here, the ransacked and decrepit feel aside. But Bart was clearly starting to get uncomfortable. Maybe it was the room itself, maybe it was the situation. Maybe he didn’t like being here, being an artist himself. No matter the reason, he didn’t like staying here. That was obvious. It was probably a good idea to get going, anyways. It was okay right now, but later, when it’s night time? Colder? Probably not a good idea.

“Right,” she said. “We should get going.”

Jennifer lifted herself up, soothing out her skirt once more. She still silently cursed her decision to wear a skirt and heels. It might, might, be a good idea to find some better clothes and shoes somehow. But alas, she got another reminder of her decision as her shoes clicked against the floor with each step she took towards the table once again.

“Where should we head to? Ideas?” she asked as she lifted the bag off the table, sliding the strap over her shoulder.

Kiziah had a good point she hadn’t realized before. If some degenerate came by to investigate the sound, they were right in the path for that. Again, Jennifer hadn’t checked the map much as of yet, but there was a good chance that, if they were nearby, a classmate with murderous intentions could come by and look into the room.

But something else got her attention as Kiziah looked at the map. When Jennifer noticed something nearby the bag, her eyes locked onto it.

She had another question.

“Kiziah,” she added. “Did you get a gun?”

She wasn’t sure what to think about that.

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