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Alice said nothing, simply watched quietly as Jeremy and Scout spoke. The situation was frightening to her, even though Jeremy didn't seem like the type to go along with the terrorist's instructions. Really though, did anyone at her school? As much malice as she could have for someone, she didn't know if her classmates could actually kill each other. She hadn't scene anyone hostile herself, at least. Then again, the last five classes probably had lots of people who thought like her.

Jeremy put the gun away, and Alice let out her breath, which until then she'd unknowingly been holding. It seemed surreal, how quickly she felt the nerves leave. She wasn't in imminent danger, at least.

Still, best not to incite anything; for all that guns were frightening, a person can inflict considerable harm even unarmed, if not kill. So Alice stayed at the edge by the door, and for a couple of seconds she contemplated her answer to Jeremy's frankly rather flippant question.

"Uhm...I was looking for shelter. A place to hide out." Alice looked around her at the chapel. "I'd still like to stay here, at least, if you two don't mind. It's not as if I own the place." She gave a small chuckle.
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