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"... We have the house to ourselves."


"... I’ve got a place in mind and it isn’t very hard to find."

Ooh, nice rhyme. That one had the ever familiar awkward laughs ticklish on the epithelials of her throat. Felt all kindsa funny. Exactly just like the rhyme had been. "Nice rhyme Jazzy. Yeah, I'll get my shoes on!" They had been pretty carelessly tossed into a corner, corpses of her Vans lay fallow and desolate. Right back onto her feet, where they were snug and they belonged. Moment Jasmine opened the door Irene happily bounded through it with her shoelaces only vaguely approximating a tied state. Floppy bunny ears bounced in time with her energetic pace.

"So where are you bringing us, Jazzy?" While she waited for Jasmine to catch up Irene milled about, wearing geometric ruts into Jasmine's front yard. Idly trying to see if she could peep that neighbor's sweet pool from here. Idly trying to think about...

Huh. It was, like, one of those things in all the romantic movies Mom and Sis liked to watch. All the cliches had reasonably lined up, hadn't they? Girls alone in a house, sleepover, watching TV and gossiping. A secret place only the two would know and a journey there under a... Okay usually those movies weren't this sunny and dry on the skin. Kingman was a bit too saturated in hues to be a cinematic scene, but still. What had it been Irene had been thinking about earlier? Girls? Area codes? Maria? Confessions? ... Jasmine.

There was Jasmine, incidentally. Right over there, getting closer. Irene watched her intently, distracted as she wanted to be by everything else she somehow couldn't let herself be!
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Oh, it's so sad to think about the good times, you and I... · Memories from the Past