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Asha hadn't expected Dot and Wayne to follow so closely, but there they were behind her, backing up her words. Asha appreciated it, but their proximity worried her a bit. Nancy was already cornered, and if she felt they were ganging up on her, that'd only stress her out even more. It'd probably be more suspicious to send them away now, though.

"I won't come any closer."

Asha shifted her position, settling down so she was sitting against the wall, head turned to face Nancy. Put her arms around her knees, both for comfort and to make it clear she wasn't holding anything frightening, other than the natural human potential to wring the life from someone's neck with flesh and bone alone. "You don't look like you wanna be alone, though; so I'm not gonna leave unless you ask me to." It hurt, to sit and watch Nancy break down and cry right in front of her; but even disregarding the hatchet, Asha wasn't gonna ignore her personal boundaries for a hug; no matter how needed it seemed.

All Asha could do was be present, until Nancy was willing to open up more or she explicitly told them to go. Or until she decided to try and split Asha's head open, but that wasn't worth considering, not when Nancy was clearly suffering.

Whatever she had done, whoever she'd... well, considering the looks of things, whoever she'd killed, that was all in the past. Corpses couldn't feel any pain. The dead were rotting and gone and free, and Nancy was alive and here and hurt. That's all that really mattered. Asha wasn't a judge, after all, she didn't have any interest in figuring out what had happened, or who was to blame for it all. Not like it was hard to puzzle out the answer to that one, anyway. Especially now, Asha was sure there was a camera nearby, capturing every guilty tear spilled. What a show.

"Your hair's really pretty, by the way," Asha said. It never, ever hurt to compliment someone, and Asha really did like the shade of blue her hair was. Hopefully the contextual inappropriateness of it would confuse Nancy enough to calm her down a bit.
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