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She vaguely knew Audrey from some classes. She didn’t know Danny except by terrible reputation. But she could temporarily put them on the ‘less likely to kill her on sight’ list, if Alvaro was telling the truth.

Lily really wished Alvaro would finish his stories instead of trailing off at weird times, though. Lily was pretty sure they were not currently in the bell tower, so ending his story with ‘he went towards there’ made no sense. She waited for him to continue, her fingers drumming against the back of the chair, and instead he just started smiling for some reason.

Honestly, she found that a little creepy given the circumstances.

“And the bell tower?” Lily prompted him when Alvaro didn’t continue on his own. Her voice was noticeably impatient. “Was it a trap, or was someone actually bringing people to them for some other purpose?”

She glanced down to check her bag was in an easily reachable place. Leaving without her supplies would be a death sentence.
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