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She believed him.

That was good. It meant that he didn’t have to worry as much. Of course he was still here with another person near him so he knew deep down that he couldn’t just not worry, but now he could relax, even if only slightly. Lily believed him. He was in a room, alone, with the person he loved, and now he knew that neither was going to attempt to harm the other. She believed him. She trusted him. He trusted her, in return. All was silent. He looked at her. She wasn’t looking at his way back, but that was okay. He was okay with not talking. He was okay with just looking. It was like back in the cafe. He’d be doing his job at another table and then he’d see her in the corner of his eye and he’d be happy, if only slightly. It wasn’t much, he could live his life the whole way through without it, but she was someone he just… appreciated just being with, if that made sense.

She asked him if anything else had happened. He answered. It’d be weird not to, otherwise.

“I ran, and I found this old storage closet. I met… Danny and Audrey there.”

He didn’t think he would need to say too much in response.

“We talked. They helped me with the bruises I had. We were considering grouping up, but then…”

He shook his head. The memory of his mistake had come back up.

He just needed to move past it.

“I heard the bell ring. I freaked out. Left the group and ran towards it.”

The question was easy, though. The room was quiet. The two were alone. He remembered, back from school. They used to play chess together. She was one of the few people who he could actually beat. It was fun, even in the times when he’d lose. They both liked it, and that was why they did it.

He smiled, as silence began to reign once more. He was alone, with the girl he loved, thinking about the things they had done before with each other.

He hoped that they stayed alone.

He hoped that they stayed together.

He hoped that this moment would last.
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