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((Skipping Hazel with permission))

His face was still red.

There was something he should be doing right now. He could be helping the girl up, checking for a first aid kit, doing anything apart from just standing there and watching her struggle to stand, his hand rubbing against the spot on his arm where he had been touched.

He barely registered the girl introducing herself, leaving an awkward pause before he made his own introduction.

"Um, I'm Jordan," he said. “Nice to meet you.”

I guess, his thoughts continued.

It probably wasn’t their first meeting after all. He was pretty sure he knew her from somewhere. Her name was familiar. He should have known her. From class? Theater? He couldn't remember. He should have been able to remember. There weren't that many people in school. But how many of them did he really know very well? Too many faces that he couldn't put a name to, too many names he couldn't put a face to.

Wait a minute. Time to back up a second. Had he heard her right? That was something a little more important than trying to remember who Tara was.

"Sorry, what did you mean by not alright?”

But the question was already dead when he even finished articulating it. Tara was already running off, and the figure at the top of the slopes seemed to be the reason for that. She’d even thanked them for helping her as she grabbed her bag, but Jordan could only feel as if they had done nothing to help her at all.

He had half a mind to follow, but there was no way he could catch up. But that seemed like it was too much effort to get the answer to his question. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted to know the answer.

"That was..." he turned back in Hazel's rough direction, "Weird."

The figure that Tara had pointed out was making their way down the slopes towards them. They didn’t look armed, but it still paid to be wary.

“I’m not sure if we should stay here either. Wanna go?”

His eyes made fleeting eye contact with Hazel, but he turned away immediately.
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