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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Yeah, no... yeah. No. Yeah. Probably best that you just put it down," Jerry verbally stumbled.

He look a quick look around the cabin. His eyes flickered from door to stairs to Nadia to... far area that had the back door somewhere around there. Flick flick flick. They returned to looking at her.

"Guess it's, ah, just tw- just the two of of us," he said, lowering the knife but keeping it open. "Any ideas? It might be dangerous to travel alone. You know our classmates; there's bound to be a few wackos running around with their pants on their heads stealing food and claiming they're gonna skin us alive and fuck our corpses." Jerry shrugged. "Not that they'd actually do it. Just, you know. Crazy. Somebody's bound to lose their shit on the first day, right?"
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