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Brendan had remained silent as Jonathan had been telling him what had happened. Brendan didn't want to believe what he was hearing. And yet.... He believed every word that Jonathan was saying. He knew himself that terrible things would happen eventually. He knew that there were people who were desperate to get home. He would like to see his grandparents, his father and Penny again. He just didn't want to become a killer. He didn't even think that he could kill anyone. Not even someone who bullied him. Not Michael. Not even Darius. He believed that no one deserved to die. He thought about the shard in his pocket. He couldn't use it without a good reason. Maybe he could just injury someone without killed them. He was clinging desperately onto not murdering another student.

Brendan's heart felt like it was tightened. Barry Banks was dead. Jonathan had witnessed it. And the person who killed him.... Alvaro. Brendan was shocked because he was sure that Barry and Alvaro had been friends. If a friend could kill another friend.... Then Brendan couldn't even trust his friends if he saw them. It was making him feel more frustrated and angry at the situation that they were in. But he would have to keep his temper under control. He couldn't start yelling at Jonathan. None of this was his fault. Brendan could never blame him for making the reality become more true. He had to think of what they should do.

Jonathan was crying and Brendan didn't move to pull him into a hug. He was afraid that Jonathan would push him away. He didn't have a clue how to make things better. Because he honestly couldn't. He just let Jonathan cry while he thought of what to say to him. Brendan had never really been able to comfort people. He decided that he would try to give Jonathan some sympathy.

"Jonathan, I..... I'm so sorry that you went through that. I don't want to die either. I also don't want anyone else to die...." Brendan spoke as calmly as he could. Although, he felt like crying himself. Someone had died and it was hurting him even without seeing Barry's body. "I think we should try and avoid Alvaro in the future. Since now he has a.... a gun and he would kill us with it. We should also not get into a big group as I believe that someone could panic and well.... Y-Yeah.... We should just stick together. I won't leave you, okay? We..... We will be alright. We can get through this.... I know we can!"

Brendan could feel himself choking up. He didn't even believe his words that much. But he was hoping that Jonathan would be able to calm down and feel safe in his presence. He stepped closer to where Jonathan was standing and he leaned against the fence beside him.

"....Would you like to rest for a while? I can keep watch if you want me to, Jonathan...." He offered politely. Brendan was exhausted himself but Jonathan had been through something more worse than he had. So Brendan was going to try to be a good friend. Even if they weren't really friends. He just hated how much pain Jonathan must suffered. Because of Alvaro. How could Alvaro do that?
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