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“...Mm. This isn’t the sort of situation where it’s easy to think rationally,” Lily said. “Okay. I believe you.”

She wasn’t sure if she really believed him. But she was less outright suspicious that he had now. She supposed, if he had, that he’d be on the announcements the next day anyway.

And then a new paranoia. If Alvaro really hadn’t killed anyone… then he still needed one kill to be assured that, should he be the last survivor, that he would be allowed to leave. Wouldn’t it be the quickest way? To find a friend, play nice, gain trust—why wouldn’t she trust him if he wasn’t a murderer—and take the first watch. Then slit their throat when they were sleeping, before they could fight back?

It was how Lily would do it. At least, if she was being entirely theoretical. The idea of actually doing so made her feel ill. Even the idea of doing so to someone like Caedyn made her feel sick. Just because it made her feel sick, though… didn’t mean no-one else would.

In a way, perhaps one-time killers were not the biggest danger. Then again… she thought of the girl who killed Tina. The grin on her face. She had a gut feeling that she was someone who wouldn’t stop, even if Tina had only been the first. If everyone stopped at one kill, this game would not end the way they wanted it to.

“Is he the only person you met? It’s late in the day.”

Regardless of what variety of untrustworthy Alvaro would eventually be, if he wasn’t already, he had information. Anything he’d experienced that Lily hadn’t was information.

Lily needed information. All she had was a pile of thoughts, each one making her more afraid. Thoughts that she’d rather ignore, and she could do so as long as she kept thinking strategically. Treating this like the game it was, even if it had high stakes.

Just like the occasions that she and Alvaro had played chess. She hoped she wouldn’t be as bad at this game as she had been at chess.

She looked at Alvaro for a moment, this time the frown absent from her face, as she thought of their chess games. It would be nice to go back to that. Even just for a moment.

But too dangerous.
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