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“Yeah. My bad there.”

Man, Scout was not the type to appreciate the context-specific art of fucking around, it seemed. She would have probably made a good teacher, had this not happened. A nice replacement for Mrs Brown, whether she retired or she-

Wait, did he almost say that? That was.... He wasn’t sure what the proper way to describe it was but he was pretty sure the words “not cool” would fit pretty well, because seriously, that was definitely one of the worst things he could have thought about. No matter how annoying of a teacher she was and no matter how much math was a subject he wished he didn’t have to do joking that she could have been killed the way Mr Graham was killed definitely crossed whatever line still existed and was certainly not something he wished for. This… sucked. Probably not the right way to describe it either but it still got the point across. It was terrible. He knew that stopping it from happening was impossible at this point - he had seen Nancy, he wouldn’t be surprised if she stuck her axe a little harder into someone else, as morbid and terrifying as the thought was - but if it found out that the number of people that had died or were going to die was less than he thought?

It wouldn’t help him, but maybe it’d put another smile on his face.

And that was another thing, that he had just realised. Mr. Graham. He was dead. He… wasn’t really someone Jeremy knew well - he had picked Chem over Physics, not maths and more interesting - but he was definitely someone that Jeremy saw around the halls. Friendly, helpful, and whenever Jeremy saw him he always had a smile on his face.

And that was a face that he’d never see again.

That was… something to think about. Not a very happy thing. A very sad thing, actually. A face that he had gotten to know over the four years he had been here was dead, and- oh god Mrs Barks was on that bus too fuck why

And then Scout spoke again, bringing him back to reality. He supposed he was... sorta relieved at that. Not happy, not anymore, but he was a little thankful that she was still being her supposed killjoy self. She wanted him to put the gun away, although she said that she didn’t think he could do that.

She thought wrong.

“Hang on a moment.”

He swung the bag over his shoulder. It was now in front of him. The gun went in, the zipper was done, and it swung back.

“There we go.”

And now the room was silent again. Time to go back into his thoughts.

He’d rather not have that.

“So, uh… what’s up?”
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