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She had asked him the question.

His hands started shaking.

And then they stopped and then they tensed and he hoped that Lily didn’t see that because even though he didn’t kill Min-jae the question had caught him off guard and he knew that Lily would see that and she would think he was lying no matter what he said and no matter whether he was actually telling the truth or not and she’d call him a murderer and she’d be telling the truth no matter what she believed and she’d get angry and she’d get scared and the thoughts of the musical were gone and now he was back here on the island in the game and the one moment he thought he would be safe he wasn’t and now Lily would be suspicious of him and she was cold and she had changed and he hadn’t answered the question yet this looked even worse he just needed to say no because he was telling the truth and that one word was what it took and he just needed to say something. Something. A simple answer. He just needed to tell her what happened.

He didn’t even need to lie.

“No. I don’t think I did. He was on top of me, hitting him with his… pole… thing. There was a piece of wood on the ground. I took it and I hit him with it and he fell and I got up and then he roared and I couldn’t think and so I ran and-”

He looked at Lily. Tried to see her eyes.

His didn’t reach. His head went down again.

“Sorry, it’s just that… you know.”
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