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MK Kilmarnock
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Remember perler beads? Those little things you'd slap on a pegboard and then iron out to make some pretty art?

I decided to get a bunch of them and pick an old hobby of mine back up. I've gotten started with a little bit of a gift for Ruggahissy, plus a second request and then a little something-something just for fun.


It's been a pretty good start so far, but I crave more. That's where you come in.

I'll be taking requests to make things of your liking. Mario, Final Fantasy, Undertale, TV shows or what have you. These things take a lot of time, so I'm only accepting FIVE THINGS IN THE QUEUE at any given time before closing it.

Just like any other art thread here, requesting stuff is free and I'll make it as soon as I'm able (time and materials permitting; I'm already running low on yellow and black and will need to buy more beads shortly), but you can also purchase what I make if you want (I'm pretty much going to do this at-cost, only covering my ass on shipping and however much it takes to buy these beads... and that's like $2.50 for a bag of 1000 of them, so we're looking at maybe 25 cents a pop).

Anyway, I'll open up the queue for you guys. I'm just eager to start making some shit. Try to take it easy on the difficulty, okay? I'm still getting used to this. Try to keep it to 8 or 16 bit stuff if you can. Not like... 'photorealistic Elvis Presley'.

Maybe later, okay?

Update: I've opened a shop on Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/shop/8BitTrinkets?ele=shop_open
Another update: Etsy shop currently closed <_<

The prices don't take shipping into account, so it's actually a lil' bit cheaper to just directly deal with me on this site here. So if you're interested, do THAT instead.






Completed requests:

Chopper (SOLD)
Jyushimatsu (SOLD)
Kefka Palazzo
Totoro (offsite) (SOLD)
Many more that I can't be arsed to link but they're in this thread somewhere.

For fun:

Pentagram (made for Iktor, no picture because it's at her office)
Papyrus (Sold)
Frisk (SOLD)
Sans (Sold, but have one more)
Fallen Human (SOLD)
And more!
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