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She didn't have a candle.

Minnie Lichter waded through the sea of fire, the pinpricks of light showing faces and people and sadness and despair.

She didn't want a candle.

She walked in the darkness that separated flame from flame.

A candle would make her part of this.

Small as she was, she slipped past stranger and friend alike, moving from nowhere to anywhere.

A candle would make it real.

The tears had come when she'd come home from school. There, waiting for her, had been her mother and grandfather. Her grandfather walked with a cane, but until then no one would have ever called him stooped. He had sat on the edge of his armchair, leaning forward, both hands on his cane and with a face that had echoed every loss and every heartbreak he'd had in his lifetime. Her mother had been sitting beside him on a kitchen chair, also leaning forward, her head in her hands. She had looked up when Minnie came in, and Minnie had seen that she'd been crying: her face was wet, and her eyes red. After that, everything was a blur. Her mother had told her Ben was missing, she had cried, run to his room, had an asthma attack, sat crying on her mother's lap like she was six years old again, listened to more of what had happened. Something like that.

Now they were at Ben's school, Cochise. Her mother was talking with some other parents, somewhere. Her grandfather was still at home, in their apartment. Part of Minnie wished she had stayed with him - neither he nor she felt they could face the masses of grieving and sympathetic people. It was for this reason that she had slipped away from her mother and slunk into the night. She wanted, more than anything, to be alone. That wasn't like her, she knew - she had loads of friends, friends who would have wanted to help her. But she didn't want them.

She remembered who had been there for her, years ago, when she was little. Who had been there when she went to the playground? Ben. Who had comforted her when she hurt herself? Usually, Ben. Who had read her Dr. Seuss stories? Ben. Who had sung those stupid nursery rhymes with her that she used to love so much, over and over? Ben.

He'd been there just this morning. She had rushed out the door as fast as she could, wanting to meet with her friends before school. She had almost - almost - forgotten to say goodbye. Minnie wandered over to a deserted bench. She sat down quickly, hunched over and immediately began to cry again. Instead of the big, splashy tears that had rolled down her cheeks before, she had almost no tears and sat there, arms over her stomach, shaking like a leaf.

She stopped crying eventually, but stayed sitting there until almost half the candles were out, and her mother came to take her home.
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