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At first, Dorothy was scared of being alone. Having nobody to support her, to help her, to talk to. Loneliness horrified Dorothy.

This fear shaped to become addicted to social media. To stay on Facebook for a long time, or on Tumblr reblogging cats, or on Tweeter to try to get the attention of a celebrity.

But, there was a fear lying inside that comfort. A fear she wasn't alone. That somebody stalked her, looked at every pictures, everything she has said, everything she thought about.

So she tried to protect herself, she protected her personal blog with a password and her Facebook page was set to private. Even though she took all the opportunities to hide, a thought of being found was always there.

On the island, it was the same.

She was scared in the that place she woke up in. She was horrified of being alone, strand on that island alone with nobody. She escaped the warehouse, and soon realized she wasn't alone. Asha was there for Dorothy, and vice-versa. Then there was Alex. She was scared of him but he indeed proved to be rather harmless. Wayne came in the duo, making it into a trio, and they left.

It was now repeating here in the library. Someone had been there all along. Someone, a bloodied girl with a hatchet, was curled up in a corner. This girl was the stalker she feared, the person she avoided, but this was real life. She couldn't just block someone off.

As if hell froze over, Dot's mind started to feel dread developing in her head.

Asha didn't look scared, and that didn't surprise Dorothy. She was brave, she was strong, she could see a corpse and whisper "aesthetic" or "same" or "me". She wasn't like Dorothy, basically.

She hoped it was a corpse until it revealed to be still alive. She wished it wouldn't move, it wouldn't talk, it wouldn't breath.

But there it was, whimpering.

She just stared in horror until Asha started to speak to the creature.

She knew it was a girl, she knew it was still alive, but couldn't bring her mind to believe the situation. She wanted to be nice but her body told her to run away. To be a coward.

She stopped her mind from running by opening her mouth,

"Hey... D-don't be scared, okay? We won't hurt you."
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