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Brendan actually asked him if he was okay. There were a lot of answers he could give. Physically, he was okay, a few scratches and some exhaustion maybe, but mentally, emotionally? No, he wasn't too okay. He didn't know what to tell Brendan, it looked like he hasn't seen what's been going on. Maybe he didn't know? Should he tell him? Earlier, it was so easy to just get it out of the way, just acknowledge it. Would he tell Brendan? Should he tell Brendan?

"I- I don't know... People, they..." Jonathan didn't know how to word it, he didn't know if he should tell him about Barry or Clarice, or where he woke up, or what could be happening right now that Alvaro's got Barry's gun. "People are, well they're dying. Not by suicide either..." Jonathan's eyes trailed to his feet.

He didn't know if he could really do this, but if he didn't tell Brendan, than he could be killed later on. He had to. Just like he has to get everyone he can off this island. This is the only way, this is it, people needed to know the gravity of the situation, it was the best he could do until he thought of a plan to get help.

"When I woke up, I was trapped in a cell, couldn't see, and I could barely breath..." He had to start from the beginning. "Barry a-a-and Tina, Tina Luz, they got me out of there... I- well I also saw Scarlett and Aiden, a-and they left, I don't know what happened to them, I hope they're okay." It was weird how different everything felt then, how he thought he might get through this unscathed, how Barry could've gotten through this. "W-we went to the bell tower, and Tina disappeared."

He couldn't believe how quick everything had went by, now that he was telling someone else his story, the shock of it hit him harder then replaying the scenes in his head. All of this happened in just under an hour. "At the bell tower, there were a lot of people, w-we thought we could group up with them, maybe plan an escape. Nancy, the anime fan, she cut Clarice a-and the others left." Jonathan wanted to stop there, he knew what was next. He couldn't, Brendan had to know.

"We rung the bell." Jonathan lowered his head. "Only one other person showed up. H-he..."

"Alvaro, h-he killed Barry, pushed him off the bell tower! I had use my shirt to cover his-" Jonathan burst into tears. "A-a-and I had nothing else, I-I didn't know what to do, and Alvaro stole Barry's bag a-a-a-and now he has a fucking gun!"

Jonathan leaned against the fence and covered his face.

"I-I just don't wanna die here, I don't want anyone else to die here..."
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