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Michael looked down at the tire he planned on mutilating, disappointed. This was well, really disappointing. Like, really fucking disappointing, like so disappointing he was disappointed that he wasn't disappointed enough. Like hey, we got your favorite present, disappointment. He looked back up at Jerry, who just went thousand yard stare mode again. Shit, he must've been disappointed too. Wouldn't blame him, Michael hyped the plan up too much without actual sustenance. Kind of made him angry that it didn't work. Not at Jerry, or well anyone. It'd have just been cool to have tire armor.

Jerry's creepy ass Ryan Gosling Drive stare ended with a question, a weird worded one, but he got the gist of it. "Ehhh, nah, not really, not in the foreseeable future anyway, unless someone's willin' to lend us a blade or somethin', right?" Michael shrugged, he wasn't really too sure himself what he was implying with his own line. Could have meant just asking, could have meant jacking it off of some poor fuck, eh, no point worrying about it right now though, they don't even know if they could get straps to even wear it. Might still be worth checking the big ass apartment looking buildings just in case.

"Ey, we might find some good shit at the housing place if you wanna check, at least it'd be worth a look." Michael tilted his head towards its direction before looking back at Jerry. He grabbed his axe and turned to walk out the door, before pausing and turning around to look at the garage. There was the raised car, and across from it was a table vice. He got bad ideas with the vice for a moment. But it was only a moment. There was self defense, then there was.... that. Nah, fuck that scene. Unless of course some motherfucker killed Jonathan, then that vice would be used, but now, nah.

As they were walking through the old car park, Michael thought about what would happen if they were attacked. Michael knew himself pretty well, but he didn't know how Jerry would do. He seemed athletic, but did he know how to fight? Knowledge and strength were two different things after all. Experience and shit. There's also the option of taking a punch. Would it be like normal for him, or was he glass jaw? Wouldn't be a way to find out until it happened though, so there wasn't a point to worrying about it. Well, actually, he could ask...

"Ey, you ever been in a fight before?"
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