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“A jail cell. Well, that narrows it down,” Lily mumbled. Wasn’t like the asylum was made for keeping people inside it or anything.

She fiddled with the chair for a moment longer before putting her unslashed hand on the top of the chair’s back, leaning on it as she stared Alvaro down. Combined with the two-sided mirror, she felt like she was in an interrogation room. All she lacked was a light to shine in his face, unless she wanted to pull out her flashlight for such an inane purpose.

“You hit Min-Jae. Then what? Did he just apologize and leave?” There was a tinge of sarcasm in her voice.

Honestly, the only reason she wasn’t completely freaking out was that Min-Jae wasn’t someone she really knew. Probably a senior. Not likely one she’d ever met, she had a feeling she’d remember the name if she had a face to associate it with.

If Alvaro really had killed Min-Jae… well, on one hand it meant one less person in the way of Lily getting off this island. And after Tina… If Tina didn’t matter enough to save, who did? Not someone that she’d ever met, that she didn’t know. So if Alvaro was a murderer, Lily wasn’t going to get on his moral case about it.

On the other hand, it would mean she was now stuck in this room with a killer. And even if she told Alvaro to leave, and he did… well, he knew where she was. He could come back at any time. That held true even if he was innocent, but was much more dire if he was a murderer.

"Did you kill him?" She hadn't actually meant to say that part outloud. It just... happened.
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