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((Emma Luz continued from You Could Have a Dream About Losing Your Friends))

People can survive anything.

Emma knew this all too well. Growing up in Kingman’s prepper community meant that she had an idea of how far people were willing to go to survive. Of course, the community did have its fair share of people who were willing to believe pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and other myths. Some of them even believed that there was going to be some kind of doomsday event looming over them someday. However, the fact that such a community would exist at all meant one thing: people wanted to survive. Emma thought of Grandpa Gregory. He had a long life, and experienced tons of things. Emma could remember that they’d used to joke that his blood was practically motor oil by this point, and that he was going to live forever. She’d also read various stories of people’s attempts to survive. She liked reading stories about zombies and post-apocalyptic scenarios. Call it morbid, but there was something fascinating about reading about people trying to survive against the odds.

Point is, Emma knew that if you put someone in a dangerous situation, they will try to live. Human determination was just that powerful. And that made Emma feel a little more confident. She was still drowsy, sure, but the chemically induced feeling had almost worn off. Now that she was feeling a bit better, though, she remembered the assignment she had to do in Social Studies. As she leaned against Amanda, she tried to remember details from it. People survived it too, of course. Not just the “winners,” either.

The goal for the next few days was to stay alive, obviously. Hopefully that shouldn’t be too much of an issue, and that they could find food, water, and a safe place to stay easily. She wasn’t sure how long they’d be here, but it was good to assume that it was for about a week.

They had made their way upstairs, and found themselves in what she guessed was a hospital ward. It was, by far, a better place to stay than the lab in the basement. While it was still somewhat dim, there was natural light peeking out of a window. So far, they hadn’t seen any disturbing things like the diagram, which was a plus. Sure, there were barred windows, but it was a step up. It didn’t seem as claustrophobic, either, and not as wet.

Jaime and Lucilly were ahead, but they had stopped when Amanda had told them to wait up. Oh, a bed?

“Finding a place to stay would be nice,” Emma said, in thought. “I mean, in here. It seems tons better than the basement, at least.”

Amanda seemed to be having some difficulty with her leaning against her like this. Emma did feel a bit better, so it might be good to stop for the time being?

“I’m feeling a bit better. Is it alright if I try walking a bit?” she asked.

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