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Lily replied to him. She was still cold, even though she tried to hide it. Alvaro appreciated that slightly, though. Even if things had changed for the both of them with the mistake he made at the cafe that night and the situation that was occurring to the both of them right now she still liked him. Maybe not love, but he was okay with that. Honestly, he just liked talking to her. He could just… he didn’t know. Pass the time. When she was in the cafe when he was on waiter shift it just seemed to fly by. Like how that saying went. Time flew back then, because he was having fun. Just as he hoped it would happen now. The night was probably out by now. The skies… if he remembered correctly had no clouds in them.

He was reminded of a musical that his family went to see once. He couldn’t quite remember the lyrics of the song he was thinking of, but they were on the tip of his tongue.

He would have liked to imagine that this was a similar situation, as much as he knew it wasn’t. They were alone, just like the people in the song.

Just him, Lily, and the question he had to answer.

“It was in this building. Somewhere… up above, I think. It was kinda like I was in a jail cell.”
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