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Maxim let out a sigh. He was beginning to feel weary and all this incessant talking was doing nothing to keep him focused. This Lili, she seemed to have a habit of babbling. Either that or it was her somewhat bubbly attitude that threw him off. The casualness in her tone, that overall sense of optimism and carelessness she exuded. He didn't like it. Neither did he like the enthusiasm with which she presented that - thing. A toy lightsaber, apparently. Hell, the world was coming to an end out there and she got all excited over a toy. It was enough to make him grimace slightly in disgust.

Or maybe he was reading too much into things, misjudging her because of his current state of mind. Being thirsty didn't help much either. Whatever was the case, he decided it was time to try and hatch out and actual plan of some sort, they couldn't just stand around and have a hen party like this forever.

Benjamin spoke up before he could though and turned his head towards him again. Now this was more like it. He seemed to at least try to steer the group a little. Maxim could appreciate the effort at least.

"You might be right, it is getting late." He glanced towards the entrance, crossing his arms. Sunlight was slowly dying out. Yeah, no time to be going out again, too easy to get ambushed out there in the soon-to-be-dark. Still, he had to disagree on waiting to search the place until morning.

"I don't know about you, but I am sure I recall having a flashlight in here." He patted the bag in question. "We could still give this place a search, the sooner we get things done, the better." He cleared his throat, pausing for a moment to recollect his thoughts, then continued. "Right, your question. See the room back there with the open door? Seems decent enough, has a bed in it and maybe a bathroom as well, haven't checked yet. Might be more rooms like it in here, so I think we shouldn't have to worry about that."

It seemed almost strange, really. The prospect of just going to sleep at night, despite knowing what their situation was like. He recounted all the times he had read stories with people being stabbed in their sleep. Or shot or strangled, suffocated, enough ways to do it. Point was, it wasn't safe, so something had to be done about it.

"Searching aside, I say we should have someone keep watch during the night, yes? Maybe sleep in shifts, something like that. Seems like the smart thing to do."
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