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escaping the real world to face reality
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So Penelope wasn't gonna die a virgin. That was, like, good. Good for her, right? It'd be a terrible waste of time to spend the rest of your life desperately trying to get some stranger to fuck her. They'd probably die in the middle of it, too. Out with a bang, slasher-movie style.

Not that Asuka was jealous or anything. She'd transcended such primal desires. Didn't even rank in the top five of her bucket list.

It wouldn't've hurt though.

And, if she was gonna make a connection here, maybe blood was a really basic primal fear, but hey, Asuka wasn't gonna judge. It was a phobia. Irrational. Smart pretentious people can have irrational fears. And it wasn't like Asuka had gotten any exposure to this stuff, right? So who knows. Maybe she'd find some latent fear, want, whatever. It could happen. You don't find out about that kind of thing when you're a ghost. And a ninja. Like, maybe fucking someone made you feel like you weren't going to die alone and lonely or something. Then fucking would be, like, really important, right?

Well. Dying alone wasn't so bad. It was, actually, it was pretty romantic.

It'd still kinda suck though.

Fuck. This girl was inviting Asuka to something. Tha-that was good, right? It involved dying meaningfully, and fucking off the terrorists, all that good stuff.

Asuka caught her breathing. In, out. Steady. She couldn't stay, as good of an idea as that sounded. Because, see, she already knows how this story ends. Too many new variables. Too risky. Yeah. And other reasons, too, but she needs some breathing space to work that out. Or she doesn't wanna think about it right now. Hey, at least she's self-aware about it or something.

"No," she said, her voice soft. She needed to elaborate or something.

"There hasn't ever been one. A mass suicide, I mean."

She stood up. She'd leave as mysteriously as she came. Which probably wasn't all that mysterious. But alas.

"If it ever looks like it'll work, I'll come. But until then..."

What was she going to do again? Asuka couldn't remember.

"I'll be looking for other ways to fuck up their game."

Right. That was it. Or something like that, anyway.
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