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Natalie sensed that everything's finally okay. The girl named Toby had calmed down, or at least she's more relaxed than she was before. At the very least, Natalie probably won't get beaten up, or worse... for now.

Slowly, she got up on her feet. Her back still sore from the fall.

"Can you blame me? Waking up in a dark room after being kidnapped doesn't exactly make me want to waltz around."

At ease from before, she'd regained some of her confidence. This whole situation is still shaking her up a bit, but a way to cope with stress is to think about the next thing she'll do. Get her mind busy. Her daily life has taught her this, and though the circumstances are slightly unusual, it could still work.

She still didn't fully want to open up to these people, not in this kind of situation at least. Not until she can gauge them a little more. She's fine with being on her own, but Natalie knows that survival often means working together with others. Safety in numbers and all that.

If this works, she might gain some allies. If not, well, at least she' won't earn an enemy.

She turned around to the other girl.

"Hey, I never got your- Huh?"

Natalie must've been so focused on the girl known as Toby that she didn't notice that the other one had left. Well, now it's just her and Toby.

Great. Of the two that stayed, it's the one that almost threatened her, looks intimidating, and could probably kill her in a flash if she wanted to.

Natalie took a deep breath.

"Well, at any case. I just recently woke up. You meet anyone else friendly maybe? I'm not keen on staying in this dark hellhole if I can help it."

Natalie kept her distance a bit, but was more relaxed than she was before. Toby had said that she was friendly, but before Natalie could trust her, she had to make sure that Toby could be trusted in the first place.

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