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Fine, whatever. No need to get bitchy, Sandra. Blair asked a perfectly reasonable question, and she got all testy? The nerve. And freaking Noah took Sandra's side! Ugh.

Despite that, Blair only responded by nodding tersely with a slightly furrowed brow, making great effort to hold her tongue. As much as she'd like to say 'Excuse me? What kind of tone was that?' she was silent. Because as much as she felt annoyed, in the long run it wasn't quite worth it to start a fight. Who knew what might happen here when everyone had that niggling thought 'will I go home?'

Blair knew the answer. Spoilers; she wasn't going home. Yippee.

Because of Sandra having distracted Blair with her rudeness, Blair didn't hear the bell, or what Rene said. Something about the bell tower? "We're not going there, I don't think. I mean, me an' Noah and Sandra aren't. You can if you want." Blair shrugged.

Sandra said something about going outside, and Blair, slightly peeved at Sandra as she was, still had to admit there wasn't much point hanging around. "We should get going. If we're avoiding trafficked places, lots of people will probably think this place has stuff like we did."

Slipping past the others, Blair stepped under Sandra's arm and out the door. She wasn't quite sure what direction they were going, but whatever. Someone else could make themselves useful.

((Blair Moore continued in Early Morning in the Garden of Good and Evil))
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