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Ben frowned slightly in confusion when Maxim said he'd met another "kind" of his, then got the joke when he mentioned "Ben" Fields. The other Ben. He didn't laugh, though, and his look of confusion just increased. He crossed his arms over his knees, which were drawn up towards, though not all the way to, his chin, and leaned his head back slightly. Ben Fields? Ben Fields? Surely not. Well, ok, he didn't hang around with him any more, but he saw him sometimes in the hallways and usually tried to say hello. Ben - that is, him, Squirrel (Geez, he'd not thought of the nickname that was used to distinguish between them in a really long time) - had been taken under Ben's - Ben Fields' - wing in middle school. He'd protected him from bullies who made fun of him for hanging around with his sister so much. As much as he'd resented the bullying, he knew that without Benjamin Fields, it'd have been a lot worse. As much as he trusted Maxim as a friend, he owed Ben the benefit of the doubt, at the very least.

He listened to the rest of what Maxim had to say. Avoiding the asylum? So that's what it was. So, avoiding the building that was, for all intents and purposes, a big scary haunted house? No problem there. Searching the rest of this building for supplies? He'd been about to do so himself, against his gut instinct no less! It was a good idea, especially now that they could watch each other's backs. Maybe they should wait until the morning for that, though. It was getting dark.

Than Lili chimed in, and from how she told it, it sounded like she'd had a long and tiring day. Looking at her more closely, she did indeed look spent, leaning against the wall as she did. None of the people she described sounded familiar to Ben, though he did remember seeing the girl with the eye patch in school. It wasn't as if you could forget seeing someone like that. Listening to Lili's story, Ben felt sorry for her, for what she had gone through until now, and alone at that. But he also felt a little relieved. He had been sure that his classmates would know killing was evil and wrong, but buried in the back of his mind there had been the fear that he had misjudged them. Hence the reassurances. But here he had proof. Five people, none of them friendly, apparently, and none of them having actively tried to kill Lili. The girl with the eye patch had come the closest, it sounded like, though even she had thought better of it, it seemed.

Lili was showing them the thing she'd gotten from Alan. He recognized it was a toy lightsaber, from Star Wars. He'd never seen the movies, but one couldn't be part of a tabletop roleplaying group for more than a year without them coming up sometime. This had included a detailed explanation of the most important parts, after he'd admitted he didn't know what on earth they were talking about.

"Yeah", he said, in answer to Lili's last sentence. "Weird" was indeed what he'd describe that trade with Alan as. He got why Lili hadn't wanted to join Alan's "resistance". As much as the general idea appealed to him, someone as seemingly random as Alan wouldn't make for a very reliable teammate. "You sound like you've had a rough day. You should probably, you know, get some rest. In fact," - he glanced outside - "we should all get some rest. Or at least stay put until morning. Then we can look for supplies." He surprised himself a little at his confidence when uttering these words. They had come, well, naturally, as if he'd been talking with his sister instead of his friends, but it was clear that Lili needed to lie down and, possibly, sleep."We can search better with a little sunlight coming through the windows, anyway." There was something nagging at him, something to do with the night. He'd think on it later, he decided. He turned to Maxim. "Maybe we should go in one of these rooms. Get a door between us and the outside. Did you see a room we could use, by any chance?"
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