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There goes their - well, Michael's - plan. Jerry caught the knife with his free hand and shoved the weapon in his bag. It was nice to learn about the property of the shock knife, though. He now knew about what was so shocking about the knife. This also gave Jerry something new to think about: how to use it. So, it was a taser shaped like a knife and, well, fairly threatening until you looked up close and realized what it was. Also, what was interesting was the function of the knife, the electric current going through it. As Michael's reaction demonstrated, it hurt like a bitch.

So, the knife had its uses, and Jerry, while he didn't want to use it, knew he could rely on it. However, it was a blade as he originally thought so it was a smart move to get the spear done because killing somebody with a fake knife sounds pretty brutal and he'd rather not think about it. At the same time, killing someone with a spear sounds as bad but at least it's only a stab, and not bludgeoning someone to death with a dull blade.

He felt his stomach turn as an image of mangled body appeared in his head, and, once again, he heard the buzzing.

He tried to keep it under control, to keep it tame, to keep behind, to keep it still, but it stayed there. The buzzing, the crawling, the noises, the scratching, the voices, the screaming, the pain was there, right behind his eyes, right behind his smile. He didn't want to let them out again, he wanted to keep them in and quiet. To silence them forever. Yet they kept licking his thoughts, gnawing on his brain, lett-

''So that means this isn't going to work out?''

It stopped, everything stopped. He went back to who he was, to who he should be. He was still Jeremiah Larkin, he hasn't killed anyone, or hurt anyone. He just had to stop thinking about the people he could kill, and everything would be fine. He just had to keep it away.
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