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Bad news: The radio tower was a complete bust in terms of actual usefulness. However, this was at least tempered with the good news that Rene had managed to find a friendly group of people who actually seemed to have some vague framework of a plan. That was definitely something that she could live with, no problem. Plus, these were people that she actually liked, so bonus points there.

But back to the plan. Rene's new friends wanted to go somewhere that probably wouldn't be overrun with people. This was a good plan and Rene agreed with it. Even better, she had a pretty good idea of where people would probably be around that time, so she could actually help out a bit in that regard.

"All right, so you wanna stay away from people?" She questioned with a declarative finger. "Well, I heard some bells a while ago, so we'd probably want to stay away from the bell tower or anywhere near it. I'm pretty sure if people weren't there before, they probably are now"

As if the universe had been waiting for this exact timing, Rene heard another loud chime as a wave of sound rolled through the area. She didn't change her expression in any major way. She just angled her eyes in the direction of the chime and waited for the ringing to run its course before getting back to her suggestion.

"So as I was saying, we definitely want to stay away from the bell tower or anywhere near it."
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