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Kizi seemed to have the minority opinion. Probably for the best, she realised now, with a second's contemplation. It was in all likelihood a trap, done to lure in the gullible, the credulous, the unsuspecting and the naively curious. If anyone was to fall into that category without outside intervention, it would be Kizi. She smiled at both Bart and Jennifer in turn, a tacit admission that yes, perhaps, they were right.

It would definitely be the height of selfishness to try to further convince them to join her on this little suicide mission. They were right, probably. Her internal instincts to follow the sound weren't budging, but hey, hopefully what little logical prowess she did possess would prevail.

She bent down to her bag - ignoring the shotgun - and pulled out the map. "Well, uh, staying here is definitely a bad idea. Because it puts us right in the path of any violent people heading towards the bell tower. That's bad."
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