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Can you hear me?
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Emma, hesitated, then nodded.

“Sure,” she said, leaning close to Amanda.

Did she really look that bad? She guessed so. Emma felt bad, but she probably looked worse. There’d been a few times where people noticed that she looked sick, before she realized that she actually was. Sure, she knew her own body pretty well, but you know. Sometimes people noticed things she didn’t. But, to everyone, it seemed pretty clear just how terrible she felt. Then again, she did talk about her health issues back home, so they could have remembered, too.

Her flashlight lit up the hallway as they walked outside. A sign on the door confirmed her suspicions. Lobotomy lab. Yeah, it was probably even more of a good idea to leave. A few days, in a cold, dark, and damp place, where people did horrible things? It was enough to make anyone completely miserable.

Hopefully they’d find somewhere warm and comfortable. Hopefully the food and water wouldn’t run out, and they’d get more. Hopefully, if they ran into someone else, they’d be friendly. Hopefully her friends and family were okay. Hopefully they could go home soon.


((Emma Luz continued in Notes from an Even Smaller Island))

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