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Lily listened. As she did, her eyes narrowed very slightly.

Alvaro didn’t know what to do and then he freaked out. That sounded like a justification. An excuse. But for what? Buildings? Rooms? Incredibly vague. He’d freaked out in a place that, possibly, he didn’t want to tell her the exact location of for some reason. He must know. Alvaro wasn’t stupid enough to not have looked at his map for this long.

Combined with the Min-Jae context… that part, she thought was true. There were obvious bruises on Alvaro’s face, and he’d thought to say his precise name. So Alvaro freaked out. Found Min-Jae. Min-Jae attacked him, Alvaro hit back.

...And then what?

Lily stopped pacing. She looked at Alvaro as he touched his face, looking for his glasses. She took a few careful steps closer to the door. The room felt chillier all of a sudden, and it hadn’t been exactly warm to start with.

“Where did you say this happened?” Lily asked. Then, quickly—maybe a little too quickly—she added, “In case that’s where you dropped your glasses.”

She knelt down a little and picked up the chair she’d just thrown aside, straightening it. More innocuous than raising that mirror shard again.
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