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Lily’s response was not what he expected it to be.

He thought that… he didn’t know. He thought that she’d say hi back. He thought that she would smile. He thought that she would have been the same Lily as before. He would have liked that. He didn’t know. Nothing had worked out for him since he had woken up. He had been beaten up, rendered breathless, put in a situation where he made the worst choice he could have. He hadn’t rested. He hadn’t stopped moving, but now he had. He was safe, in a room, alone except for the girl he loved. Nobody would have found them, and it would have been good. Just a moment between them. Just like how it used to be. For a moment, he could have forgotten that he was here. For a moment, he could have forgotten that he was on this island, and for a moment, he could have forgotten that he was playing this game.

That was what he would have liked. Instead, he got a cold question, and a moral dilemma.

She had rebuked him. She didn’t even say hi back. What she replied to his hope was with another again. A question initially asked in the morning by Audrey now came back, like a verse in the songs that used to play in the cafe when he talked with Lily. What had happened to him? Who had he met? What had they done?

And just like before, he knew that he had to answer this question with a lie. Now though, there was more he had to hide. He didn’t want her to know that he had instigated the fight with Min-Jae. He didn’t want her to know that he had killed Barry. The bag had gone into another room before he came in here so that nobody would be able to guess, but there was no point in doing that if he just told her.

As much as he hated it, he had to lie to someone.


“I woke up in these… buildings. Rooms. I… didn’t know what to do. I freaked out. That was when I found…”

The image of the tall man in black in the doorframe came back. He tried to shake it off.

“Min-jae. He… attacked me. I hit him back, but…”

He paused.

He put his hand on the bridge of his nose, felt nothing there.

He had only just realised.

“Oh god, my glasses.”
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