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The situation seemed to have cooled down.

It seemed okay. Toby seemed to have calmed down. Natalie seemed to be friendly. The situation that had erupted seemed to had just been a misunderstanding. It seemed that now everyone in this room could move on from this. It seemed that now they could be friendly to one another. It seemed from there they could possibly form a group. It seemed from there that maybe they could get further in this game together. And then things would be okay. Jasmine would get out of this okay. She would be in part of a group, they would be safe, and then she could get out of here and go back home. That would be okay. Things seemed to be going okay for Jasmine right now. Now she could get a group, and now she could survive a little longer, and now everything was going to be okay.

She furrowed her brow. Raised it. slightly.

She wasn’t sure.

Even if this situation seemed to be okay now, she wasn’t sure whether it would stay that way. Toby had jumped on both Jasmine and Natalie on the slightest provocation, and truth be told she didn’t know anything about Natalie at all. For all she knew, Toby was right initially. She was planning on doing something. If she hadn’t slipped, then Jasmine had no idea what would have happened.

But it was a group, and a group was what she needed right now.

She looked to the side. There was another corridor. Dark and damp, but it might take her away from here safely.

She didn’t know.

And that was the worst part.

Stay, or go?

She thought about it, for a bit. The ideas were annoyingly muddy in her head. Nothing was forming. The options weighed themselves on the scales but they didn’t move a single inch.

She looked at the group. Closed her eyes, for a second. She knew that there would be more. There were more than these three on this island. There were enemies. Friends. She could find better.

She looked down the empty corridor.

It was good enough.

((Jasmine King, continued in Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson))
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