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Ben smiled brightly, quoting a silly line from something he read, and everything began to settle back into place. Lili felt in that moment, for the first time since she woke up, at peace. The name he brought up wasn't familiar, Kim-whatever, but the threat that Ben claimed she posed was enough to bring her back to reality. She had to keep in mind the realness of her situation, no matter how comfy she got. There was a girl out there who had given herself a fatal weapon - a shard of glass, like Lily had - and who couldn't be reasoned with. She was mute: any conversation would be one directional. Lili couldn't try to account for something like that.

Maxim, the new kid, brought up someone Lili knew: the other Ben, of the Fields. Lili folded her hands in front of her as Maxim described how he had appeared to him. Ben had always been a voice of reason to Lili, someone she could talk to when things got shaky without the conversation getting too personal. She didn't peg him as the kind to start acting crazy right away.

Lili waited for the two to add on more people they've seen. The awkward silence that followed when it was apparent that they hadn't met anyone else sent a wave of cold into her chest, one she couldn't quite explain. Deep down, she felt thankful that they hadn't come into harm's way, but on the surface she felt jealous of how easy it had been for them so far.

"I've drawn the short stick here, I guess?" Lili said, shrugging her shoulders, "I've run into five people so far, and none of them have been, like, very much willing to be friends of mine, I'll tell you that much. There was this girl with an eye-patch who pointed a gun at me after I woke up, then on the bridge there was this Kaitlyn girl who wanted to trade with me, a dude named Alan who wanted to do some resistance thing, Scout, and the other Lily was at that radio tower thing over there." She pointed at the beacon towering high in the warm light of the evening.

"None of them, like, hurt me though," Lili reassured, laughing nervously as she remembered just how close she had been to not being here - the memory of the gun's muzzle still fresh in her mind, "And I even got some nice stuff from the trading, look!" She un-clipped the light saber from her belt and drew the plastic blade, straightening its pale green shaft and holding it up towards the sky.

"This was Alan's," She explained, "Gave it to me for a protein bar and a penny, and threw in a protein bar of his own for some reason. People're weird, y'know?"
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