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Lily did not sit down or respond to Alvaro’s greeting. Instead, she returned to going to put the chair under the door handle. Only to realise that if she did that, she’d be locked in here with Alvaro. She could still break the mirror and escape, but that would take time. Time that, at this range, would kill her.

Great. She’d ruined her hideout with one decision. Just great. She shoved the chair aside, and it toppled over with a loud clunk.

She couldn’t trust Alvaro. That was just how this worked. Couldn’t trust friends not to turn on them. Couldn’t trust cousins to save them.

There was some emotion tightening her throat. She couldn’t think about that. Couldn’t think about Tina. Couldn’t cry. Not in front of Alvaro. No, she corrected herself, couldn’t cry in front of competition. Couldn’t seem weak. She had enough working against her there.

So she paced. And she spoke.

“Who have you seen and what were they doing?”
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