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It was Lily.

Lily was right in front of him.

His mind stopped.

His breathing became heavier.

He stepped forward.

And then Lily told him not to move from where he was and then everything came back to him all at once. He was here, on an island, totally alone. He was in a game where if he wanted to live everyone else had to die, and he had already used his hands to murder someone. Someone he knew. A friend. And now he was going to pay the consequences for it. As much as he wanted to apologize and make up for it he knew that that wasn’t enough. He knew that people would know and he knew that people would go after him for it and he knew that people wouldn’t ever treat him the same after that. Like Lily. Did Lily know? She couldn’t have. Only Jonathan did. Unless he came here to her or she saw or they told everyone without him knowing they wouldn’t. So why was she holding him back? Was this what everyone was going to be like from now on?

Everything had paused, for a couple of seconds. The room was silent. The air cold.

Then she talked again. She said something. He could come closer.

A sense of relief filled his body. This was Lily. Lily was normal. Lily didn’t know. Lily still liked him.

He looked up. At her face. It was the polite thing to do when someone was talking to him. Was there a smile on her face?

No, there wasn’t.

That was okay. She was here. She was letting him stay.

That was good enough.

He stepped forward. Once, twice, a walk. He kept doing this, for a bit. She wanted him to keep his distance, so he stopped, around two metres from where she was. Sat down.

“Um… hi, Lily.”

There wasn’t really much that he could say.
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