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Vanessa realised, as she looked at their faces, just how Trav and Cass were seeing her right now. A mixture of disdain and shame was not something she was trying to cause at all, and seeing those emotions written all over her them made her feel just a little bit embarrassed for herself.

She let out a long sigh, letting her arms slump to her sides as her posture relaxed. Yeah, the laugh and the scream had helped, she supposed (as much as anything could help right now), but she didn’t want to be doing it at other people’s expense. Jae and herself had just shown up after nowhere and made a scene, it occurred to her, and that wasn’t something to be proud of.

“Sorry.” She muttered, shifting on the spot as the cigarette dangled on her fingers. She looked out into the distance to avoid eye contact, but Jae wouldn’t let her stay distracted for long as he called out for them to leave for a second time.

“Yeah, sure.” She muttered again, tossing her tobacco down after Jae’s. She turned heel and was halfway up the roof, before she paused to turn back again.

“Hey guys, good luck out there. Don’t get yourselves killed.”

With a casual salute and a half-hearted smile, she turned and left. Only later would she slap herself in the head when she realised that she had forgotten to ask whether either of them had actually seen Cams.

((Vanessa Stone and Min-Jae Parker continued in We're Here Because We're Here))
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