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The person was getting closer to him. Brendan had to lower his hand so he did so. Then he let out his breath. He felt like he had worried over nothing. Jonathan Gulley. He was a really friendly guy. Brendan had always wanted to be friends with him. But Brendan couldn't have done that at all. Jonathan was friends with Michael and Darius. Two people who enjoyed bullying Brendan and made him feel weak and pathetic. Brendan noticed that Jonathan was alone and he shifted slightly on the ground. Would it be okay to team up with Jonathan?

"O-Oh, hi, Jonathan...!" Brendan beamed up at him and then his smile faded. Had Jonathan been crying? Where was his shirt? Had he been hurt by someone? A would-be killer who got away? Or had someone died already? Was Jonathan a witness? So many questions he wanted to ask so badly. But he wasn't going to do that. He wanted to make sure that Jonathan was going to be okay.

Brendan felt concern bubbling up inside of him and he got up to his feet. Then he stepped closer to Jonathan. "A-Are you alright? Did something happen, Jonathan?" He asked worriedly.
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