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They had a split decision on their hands. Bart and Jennifer wanted to stay away from the bells, while Kizi wanted to investigate. Bart was absolutely not planning on changing his stance on the issue anytime soon. There was no way of knowing who rang the bell, much less what their plans were. True, there really wasn't any choice they could make that could really be deemed safe, but he would rather not take the risk of walking into what could very well be a trap as far as he knew.

Jennifer had brought up the issue of whether they should stick around the art room or go elsewhere. Just like the previous scenario, Bart had already made up his mind. The scattered, ruined paintings that littered the room were making him immensely uncomfortable, and he wanted to leave, preferably very soon.

"I vote to leave." He called, trying to make sure his voice was heard. "I don't wanna stick around here."
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