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Penelope sat quietly waiting as Asuka no doubt considered what she should say.

Penelope could easily tell which people were the awkward types, she used to be fairly awkward herself. She knew how she handled situations during those times, and it wasn't hard to see the same behaviors in other people. Penelope thought for a moment after Asuka finished was she was saying, awkward pauses and all.

"My boyfriend? His name is Samuel, Samuel Howard. Although I just call him Sam." Penelope pursed her lips slightly before she continued. "There's a lot that I can say about him, not much of it bad. He's a big sweetheart that I can talk for hours with about anything, he bakes the best sugar cookies, he's so understanding about everything, and he's so humble about how great he is."

Penelope adjusted her skirt briefly, before continuing. "And he's not so bad in bed if you know what I mean." Penelope raised both her hands as finger guns, pointing them at Asuka. "Pew pew! Haha..." Penelope paused. "That... was a bit awkward to say, in hindsight," she said sheepishly, as she rubbed the back of her head.

"To uh... change the subject," Penelope began. "...That uh, thing about people being afraid of being boring I uh... get that, a lot. I'm so afraid of being entirely irrelevant in my life." Penelope looked at the floor, curling her legs up towards her chest and wrapping her arms around them. "I guess I had my worst fear realized."

Penelope's eyes flickered back and forth between Asuka and the floor. She had such a tendency to dominate conversations and not leave a whole lot of room for responses to her. She continued anyway. "I uh... besides my blood phobia, at least. Worst fear besides that." Penelope paused, before whispering into her knees. "That's probably going to be a huge problem soon too..."

Penelope leaned her head back to face the ceiling. "Eugh, this small talk is nice but... I think we're both ignoring the elephant in the room here." Penelope brought her head back down, looking once again at Asuka as she lowered her knees. "Do you want to know what I'm thinking of doing? And do you want to join me?"

"Because no matter what, if my plan comes to fruition, all of us are going to die, but on our own terms. Not theirs."
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