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Maxim simply nodded in Lili's direction. That would have to do for courtesies. She and Ben were friends, good enough for him. The ally of an ally is an ally, something along those lines. Though he had slight doubts about how much use she'd actually bring to the table. Didn't look like much, from a physical standpoint. Maybe she had brains to make up for it.

He listened and watched the other two in silence, waiting until they had said their piece. Kimiko. Right, the mute, even he knew about her. They didn't say that still waters run deep for no reason. He'd keep Benjamin's warning in mind, that was for sure.

Maxim looked at Lili. "To answer your question, our friend Ben here is not the first of his kind I've come across so far." Was he trying to make a joke? Maybe, didn't seem like one the other two would be able to pick up on it though. Probably better to simply get to the point.

"Ben Fields, met him not too long ago. Maybe ten minutes. Seemed a little sketchy to me, to be perfectly honest." He brought a finger to his throat, idly stroking it with his thumb. He was really starting to feel thirsty. Maybe, if he got lucky, he could ask for a swig or two from Ben's water supply, keep his own untouched for as long as possible.

"I'd avoid him. Same with the asylum, the big building across the bridge." The thought of it alone made him feel a little uneasy once more, as much as he hated to admit it. He quickly continued speaking.

"Got nothing other than that. Didn't find anything useful so far either. Though who knows, maybe this place here holds some useful stuff." Some rare loot. Just as long as there'd be no bossfight.

Jesus, he had to snap out of that jokey mood.
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