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Nancy froze as the door to the library opened, and the voices of two... no, three people had made themselves known.

The wrapper of the ration bar was on the ground, and the water bottle next to it. She didn't move, lest the wrapper crinkle or the water spill, giving away her position.

Nancy covered her mouth, trying to breathe as quietly as she could. Her hand tightened around the handle of the hatchet.

If they saw her here, hiding away, with blood on her clothes and face... what would they...

No, it was better not to find out. As long as they didn't come this way, she was fine. They didn't have to know she was here. They would leave... they had to leave eventually, right? She just had to... not make a single noise. For who knows how long.

Simple, right?

Not really, but Nancy had to try. Otherwise...

Nancy blinked a few times, shutting her eyes tightly.

She took a few deep, slow breaths.

And that's when fate decided it was having none of that.


Nancy's eyes widened, and then her ears began to ring again.
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