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((Wayne Cox continued from Time steals us all away one day, does it not?))

"Judging from the smell," he said, "old ones."

Wayne crossed his arms and leaned them on the back of Asha's couch, not willing to sit down just yet.

He wasn't usually the sort for libraries. They reminded him too much of being responsible, doing research - school things. School was still a better place for his mind to be than here, though. Perhaps that was good enough.

Perhaps it wasn't, because his bag still swung from his arm, too, bringing him back to what was important, what he'd thought was important. It had bothered him more than a little that everywhere they had seen while walking here looked peaceful. Even the ringing of the bell in the distance had just been a signal, asking people to gather together and work things out. Almost like this island was fooling him, just waiting for him to drop his guard and walk into a murder behind closed doors, or laughing at him, telling him he was a fool for thinking that people would start killing so soon. Telling him that he had shown his true colors so early for nothing at all.

"If you want to nap, guess we can cover for you."
The Present

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