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"Where there are friends, there is hope everlasting." Ben grinned, both at the cheesy line, remembered from "Yonder in the Midnight Grove", and at how it was true. So completely true. He looked at the three of them, awash in orange glow, and felt certain that they would make it. As friends fighting for each other, they would survive and escape the island.

Well, Lili and Maxim didn't know each other yet. But all in good time. "I know Lili from the park", he told Maxim. "I fly kites, she flies kites, you know." He sank back down beside his duffel bag, still grinning somewhat stupidly at each of them. "Maxim is the one who introduced me to tabletop games", he said to Lili, gesturing to him, then stuffing the book, which had fallen to the floor during his impromptu gymnastics, back into the bag. It didn't bother him any more.

Then Lili asked her question, and some of the glow from the sun seemed to fade, the shadows lengthening as it continued to sink. They were still in danger. He couldn't forget that. Yet, he was still glad Lili had asked, since he had almost forgotten to tell them about her. And they needed to know.

He grimaced. "I woke up in a jeep in the vehicle depot across from here. I can't remember exactly how long I stayed in there, feeling sick. Being sick. I heard someone smash a window above me and saw that mute girl, Kim-something - I've been trying to remember her name since I saw her - using the smashed glass to make a dagger. That seemed awfully calm and, I don't know, calculating, to me, so to tell the truth I've been afraid of her showing up ever since I left the building. I'd watch out if I saw her."
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