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((Dorothy Shelley continued from what appeared to be her favorite place))

Oooh, a library. Dot loved these because they were quiet, had free wifi, met her friends there without her dad freaking out and she could work all day without being interrupted. She embraced the atmosphere, she could see herself going through the shelves, reading a book on the go, putting it in the wrong place so she was sure nobody else would take it until she wanted to pick it up again. She thought about the joy of wandering aimlessly, like she was currently doing, in a library somewhere else than here.

And there was more! Not only shelves hanged out in the library, there was also a bunch of sofas, and Asha took the one Dorothy wanted. Aw, shucks. She thought about it, and considered that sitting on one of those could be bad idea since the place was abandoned and there could be a lot of bugs and maybe dust in it. She decicded not to trust those comfy seats because who knew what could be inside of them. Maybe there was an ant or a wasp colony inside, and she sure didn't want to learn about it.

She had a surge of energy go through her body like an electric current going from her feet to her brain. This placed reminded her of Cochise, and, even though it didn't really look alike, she felt like she was visiting somewhere she used to know about. Maybe there was even nice books to find inside! Dorothy felt her heart grow for this place as she thought about all the memories she could have developped here. Maybe she could camp here with Asha and Wayne. For a moment, she forgot about the situation, about the stress, the fear, the anxiety. It simply left her body.

''I wonder what kind of books they got here.''
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