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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Noah nodded along with the statements the girls made about the radio tower. How it was empty, how they couldn't get it to work, how there was nothing of value there. It was the Republican National Convention of SOTF. Noah thought about making that joke to the girls, but decided to bite his tongue. They could joke and kiki when they were actually somewhere secure and with actual advantages.

Blair was trying to get some words out of Sandra, but Noah wasn't sure if it was necessary. Sandra probably started a train of thought, then lost it. He had experienced that many a times in his script writing, so he could chalk it up to stress getting in the way of her mental faculties.

"If she doesn't have anything to share, it's no biggie," Noah said to Blair. "Let's focus on more important things."

"For example," he continued, looking at Rene, "we're looking to hideout in a less populated area of the island. Does that appeal to you, or do you have any other ideas about how we should go about our time here?"
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