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As the second hand drifted past 2 on her watch, Olivia began to regret everything.

First off, she should've prioritized fixing her watch back home because she knew that it was behind by, what, thirty seconds, one minute, two minutes? God forbid five minutes. Or no, maybe she was misremembering, maybe it wasn't the khaki fabric watch she was wearing that was delayed, but the leather one. Or perhaps the blue one? No, she was sure that that one was on time, she'd just aligned it with the school clock two days ago. You know, for a watchmaker, she sure was bad at keeping time. Like, how could she expect to run a watchmaking shop when she couldn't even tell her watches and minutes and seconds apart and, no, she was walking too slow, she shouldn't even be thinking about this.

She picked up her pace and half-walked, half-jogged, weaving in and out the crowd of students going to their own classes.

Another thing she regretted was choosing a math class on the second floor that ended right before lunch. Like, sure, she and Latanna hadn't even planned the whole study group thing with Rod back then, but maybe she should've thought about how the library and west wing were on opposite sides of the building, or at least it seemed like it, and now the second hand was drifting past six, and she still wasn't sure if it was on time or if they were all there already, just waiting for her, tapping their fingers while waiting for her, and the library was in sight, she could see it, and yes, she was in now.

Olivia strode towards their table, sat next to Latanna, and dropped her bag next to her seat. It was a minor relief to her that Rod wasn't there yet, meant she wasn't the last one to come. She hoped that Latanna didn't notice her sweat, or how flushed her face was. She looked at her, tried to read her face. Was she late? Had Latanna been waiting here by herself for a long time? She looked down at her watch. Ten seconds till 11:45. Too close.

So, she looked at Latanna. Still couldn't read her expression. And she asked, "Am I late?"
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